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Here at Creative and crafty we stock a vast range of Jewellery Making and crafting items.

Below is a quick guide to some of the types of Crafting items and Jewellery Making Findings and equipment that we supply.

We stock 1,000's of Jewellery Making and Crafting items so if you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to 
contact us with your requirements.


Beads for Jewellery Makers

We stock Assorted Beads for all your Jewellery Making and Crafting Projects including Bicone Acrylic Beads, Faceted Acrylic Beads, Silver Plated Beads, Silver Tone Beads, Glass Beads and much more....

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Beading Cord

Clear Beading Stretch Cord - 0.8mm

Clear, strong elastic cord, ideal for Jewellery Making.
Great for bracelets and ring designs and other creative projects where you need a strong elastic cord. 

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Bezels and Cabochon Frame Settings

Cabochon Frame Settings and Bezels for Jewellery Makers

​We have a great assortment of Bezels and Cabochon Frame Settings for making beautiful statement pieces of jewellery.
We stock Bracelet Blanks, Pendant Blanks, Brooch Settings and Ring Cabochon Frame Settings in a vast range of styles and finishes. Our Jewellery Making Bezels and Cabochon Frame Settings are perfect for using with a printed image and resin or glass dome. Pendant Blanks are a great way to make custom made jewellery. Unusual items such as pebbles, beads or buttons can be added to the resin to make a truely unique piece of jewellery. Watch parts, and unusal items such as cogs and gears can be added to Steampunk themed pieces.
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Cameos & Cabochons

​Cameos & Cabochons for jewellery maker

​Cameos & Cabochons are perfect for Making Brooches, Pendants, or adding to other pieces of handmade jewellery to create a focal point.

Our Cameos and Cabochons have a flatback, which also makes them perfect for Crafting projects.
Our Flat Back Cameos and Cabochons are ideal for Scrapbooking and Card Making.
We have many styles of Cameos and Cabochons available to order.

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Connectors for Jewellery Makers

Connectors are an essential part of Jewellery Making.
Connectors can be used to add different elements to your Jewellery, such as beads and charms, clasps, extension chains and much more.

We stock all different types of connectors, in all different shapes and sizes and finishes.
contact us if there is a particular connector that you are looking for and cannot see listed yet.

We currently stock jump rings, end caps, eye pins, head pins, clasps and much much more....  

Jump Rings  ​End Caps  Head Pins  Eye Pins  Clasps  ​Crimps/Calottes


Jewellery Making Charms for Jewellers and Crafters

Charms are a great way for Jewellery Makers and Crafters to add small details or themes to their Jewellery Making and Crafting projects.
Charms are great for adding to Scrapbook projects and handmade Cards

We are constantly sourcing new designs and styles of charms please
contact us if you are looking for a particular charm. 

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Jewellery makers Cord Leather, Faux Leather Faux Suede

We supply a vast range of Cords suitable for Jewellery Makers and Crafters including Leather Cord and Faux Leather Cord.
We supply faux suede, which is sometimes referred to as Korean Suede. We also supply Black Velvet Ribbon, which is very popular with Jewellery Makers for making necklaces and other Jewellery items.

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Jewellery making Displays for Craft Fairs and Events

If you are a Jewellery Maker selling your handmade Jewellery at Events such as Craft Fairs, Exhibitions or even in a shop how you display your Jewellery can be of the upmost importance.
A well displayed piece of Jewellery can soon become a Sold Piece of Jewellery!

We have an excellent selection of Jewellery Displays, which are just great for Jewellery Makers to display their Handmade Jewellery Items.


Filligree Connectors

Filligree Connectors For Jewellery Makers

Filligree Connectors are extremely versatile for Jewellery Makers.



Embellishments for Jewellery makers and Scrapbookers Crafters

Colourful and pretty embellishments are just perfect for adding the final touches to Jewellery Making and Crafting Projects. 
​​Embellishments are great for cardmaking and scrapbooking projects too.

We stock 100's of different embellishments and are constantly updating and changing our stock with new embellishments that we have found.


End Caps

End Caps for Jewellery Makers

End Caps and End Cones are used to give jewellery pieces a nice finish.
End Caps are especially useful to conceal knots, crimp beads, chain end etc. before connecting to a clasp.

Our End Caps are perfect for adding a clasp to your finished necklace or bracelet.
The End Caps create a very nice finish especially when working with ribbon or cord.

Very easy to use and versatile.


Jump Rings

Jewellery Making Jump Rings Bronze Tone Jump Rings for Jewellery Makers

Jump Rings are an essential part of Jewellery Making.
Used to add clips and clasps, charms and beads to many Jewellery Making Projects.
We stock jump rings in a variety of sizes and styles.
We supply 1,000's of different Jewellery Making Findings so if you require a size or style that we are not showing please contact us with your requirements.


See how to open and close Jump Rings on Jewellery making bits and pieces blog


Lace by The Metre UK Free Postage Crafters Lace

​​Add the finishing touches to your Jewellery and Crafting projects with our assorted Ribbons and Lace.



Packaging For Jewellery makers and Crafters Craft Fair Packaging Craft Fair Display Craft Events

​We supply Assorted Packaging for Jewellery Makers and Crafters.
We supply, ​Zip Lock Bags and Self Adhesive Bags in many different shapes and sizes.

We also supply Organza Bags in a vast range of colours and sizes.



Ribbon  by The Metre UK Free Postage Crafters Ribbon

​Add the finishing touches to your Jewellery and Crafting projects with our assorted Ribbons.