Jump Rings

Jump Rings are an essential part of Jewellery Making.
Used to add clips and clasps, charms and beads to many Jewellery Making Projects.

We stock jump rings in a variety of sizes and styles.

Open Jump Rings have a break in them and it is this that is used to open the ring.
Typically using two pairs of pliers, the jump ring is held in one set with the jump ring opening pushed away with the other set. Never pull the two sides apart as this will distort and weaken the ring. 

Split Rings are coiled pieces of wire that function in much the same way a key ring does. These allow you to securely attach items. 

We supply 1,000's of different Jewellery Making Findings so if you require a size or style that we are not showing please
contact us with your requirements.

We can also supply in wholesale volume at discounted prices, please contact us with your requirements.